• JavaScript Support
    • Semantic Highlighting
    • Code Completion and Type Analysis
    • Quick Fixes and Semantic Checks
    • Refactoring
  • Performance Enhancements
    • Up to 40% faster startup
    • Smarter parsing so that code completion is faster
    • Less memory consumption
  • Support for Popular Web APIs
  • RESTful Web Service Support
  • Spring Framework Support
  • New MySQL Support in Database Explorer
  • Ruby/JRuby Support Enhancements
  • Java Beans Support (back by popular demand)
  • JSF CRUD Generator (back by popular demand)
  • Javadoc Code Completion
  • Sharing Projects (AKA Sharable Libraries)
  • New Update Center Modules for ClearCase, AXIS, Hibernate, and SOAP UI

These are the latest Enhancements to Netbeans 6.1

Plus Netbeans was recently made Multilingual that means NetBeans IDE 6.1 is now available in Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Brazilian Portuguese! The entire range of NetBeans Packs and Bundles can be downloaded in these languages, as well as in English.

Netbeans is no more just a Java IDE. It supports PHP ( Netbeans Early Access for PHP ), Ruby and so many other languages too.

Coolest thing about Netbeans is the Matisse Builder where you could just Drag and Drop components into your GUI Application. Netbeans is way faster now and is the Coolest Grand Unified IDE. πŸ˜‰


3 responses »

  1. Angad Singh says:

    Ah, so the “Grand Unified IDE” phrase I made is catching on .. πŸ˜›

    Hey, nice to see some Netbeans cheer! Keep up the good posting πŸ™‚

  2. Sogy says:

    so would you recommend netbeans over eclipse now.

  3. Ashwin Bhat says:

    definitely Mr Sogy

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