Sun Studio Express 11/08 is now available!
The latest Sun Studio Express release with updated features and enhancementss is now available for download. Available on OpenSolaris 2008.05, Solaris 10 and Linux (RHEL 5/SuSe 10/Ubuntu 8.04/CentOS 5.1),
Sun Studio Express 11/08 features:
1. Full OpenMP 3.0 compiler support
2. Enhanced Performance Analysis of MPI applications
3. Updated IDE based on NetBeans 6.5
4. Remote Development and Debugging capabilities
5. New stand-alone lightweight GUI debugger, dbxtool
Improved Performance for Intel x86, AMD x86, UltraSPARC and SPARC64-based systems 

Download a free unrestricted copy today
Also folks that register their Sun Studio product can register Sample chapter from the book Solaris Application Programming by Darryl Gove titled, Correctness and Debug.  This offer is also available for SDN members.


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