Purpose of Life - Humour

Purpose of Life

After countless hours of thought and reading the best answer that I could possibly contemplate to the question
“What is the purpose of life”  is “A life of purpose”.

What purpose ?  It is  individualistic and only the vibes that you get from YOUR Heart can guide you towards your purpose. And note that the “Purpose” is not just the destination but also the journey.

Ask yourself – What do you want ? What do you really want ? And  WANT it with all your heart and let the WANT guide your actions. The Law of attraction will take care of it and you will get what you desire, sooner or later.

I also suggest another post that relates to the topic. I really liked the way it was perceived by the author.  – http://alistairpott.com/2010/03/30/purpose-of-life/

Cheers and Wish you the best in your Quest for your purpose in life.


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  1. Ravi says:

    True. Individual himself/herself have to answer this question. Good explanation given in this post.

  2. Raveesh kote says:

    Hahaha the cartoon depicts it very well. The purpose of life is “finding the purpose of life”. Everyone has his own purposes. The purpose of life is not a single thing which you want to achieve. The moment u achieve that purpose you will find another and work towards it.

    Purpose of life is dynamic which is guided by future ambitions but controlled by present circumstances. We start with one purpose which will go through lot of modifications as time passes by and finally may end up miles away from what you started!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ashwinbhatks says:

    Indeed. Wise words as always. !!

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