Today is one of those days, when the lord appeared out of nowhere in the form of an angel and rekindled the spirit inside of me. The feeling is inexplicable yet so exhilarating. Thank you universe. Thank you god.


Economics Joke

I find economics really fascinating. On a lighter note,  I read this in one of the other blogs and found it humorous. !!

An accountant, a statistician, and an economist are under consideration for a job. The hiring manager asks them each the same question during their interviews: what’s 2+2?

The accountant’s response: “4.”

The statistician’s response: “The answer is between 3.9 and 4.1 with 95% probability.”

The economist’s response: “What would you like it to be?

Happiness is a choice

Happiness is a choice. Today, for a moment I was excited and thought this perspective was my discovery. But wait. Just google for it and you will find 27 million search results. There is even a book authored by Barry Neil Kaufman which I intend to read it in the foreseeable future. Bucket_List ++

One can compare himself / herself to a billionaire in Silicon Valley or a bankrupt homeless impoverished unfortunate poor little soul. The result is Dissatisfaction and Contentment respectively. Most people treat happiness relatively comparing them to their peers / relatives / friends. The only problem with this is that you cannot cannot cannot compare yourself with anybody in this planet. You are unique. You are strength. You are divine manifestation. You are “THE ONE”. Your DNA is one and only. Even identical twins from the same biological mother have subtle differences. Comparison is the primary evil root of unhappiness. Your thoughts are the building blocks of your happiness.

Happiness is difficult to quantify through words. Nonetheless for all practical purposes, happiness can be positively correlated with mental peace.

I totally loved the 9 points to be happy from within – 9 ways to be happy within yourself

Know Thyself. Know your happiness. Choose your desires that are a good fit with you. Happiness is a choice. So Choose it.

Respect to “John Coffey” fame of “The Green Mile”

RIP Michael Clarke Duncan. My tribute to the role you played (John Coffey) in the movie ‘Green Mile”.

Why Worry

From a purely rational standpoint, there is absolutely no reason to worry !


harder i work luckier i get

Money, Knowledge, Skill, Educational Degrees, Experience, Tact, Contacts, Attitude etc. kept aside, at the core of it, success is all about being at the right place at the right time with the right people, thinking the right thoughts, talking the right words and doing the right actions …. aka LUCK.

In other words, LUCK is talent meeting opportunity. LUCK may be random and probabilistic, but then in my experience, harder , smarter one tries more luckier he/she gets. So I feel LUCK is positively correlated with strong affirmative thought and persuasive effort in the direction of one’s desire.

May you create your own LUCK. Amen.

Idea vs Execution


One of the hottest ‘chicken and egg’ type debate – What is important ? The Idea or the Execution. The answer is a complex balance of both. Many a time, in my experience, even a not so great idea executed very well ends up more successful than a great idea executed at average.

Listen to your Gut; Pursue your happiness

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

This is worth a read everyday. And with each day I read this, it gives me a whole lot of meaning and purpose. Respect and Bow to this wonderful man who continues to inspire millions everyday.

Mutual “fun”ds :)

Is it mutual funds or mutual fun ?  Laugh if you understand this :))